On this day of Remembrance I could have chosen the usual poppy, cenotaph or remembrance ceremony and I recalled this photograph which brought to memory how much weight the war veterans had on their shoulders, the losses, the tears and the sweat from their energy to forge ahead and build our future.

These veterans had to grow up and mature far faster than any of us today. Losing your friends, leaders and family members in a blink of an eye is something most of us can’t fathom. Then they regrouped and found the strength to keep fighting on for the freedom we enjoy today. As in the past we still carry the burden to uphold and protect that freedom as we remember the fallen who bravely battled for our country and to protect the homelands and rights of others.

In memory of my grandfather
Sgt. Harold Joseph Shanks
of the
West Nova Scotia Regiment
Killed in action September the 8th, 1943


Derek Shanks Photography