Too Many to Mourn

As a kid I always thought my family history was boring and uninteresting until I started researching the family roots much later. It turns out that my origins come from heroes and very strong souls.

My roots descend from a lineage that suffered a great and devastating loss during the Halifax Explosion in December 1917. The Jackson – Moore clan which my family descends from suffered the greatest total loss of relatives on that fateful day.

My cousin James and his wife Rowena Mahar unfolded an emotional story of that fateful day and the tragic loss and perserverence my ancestors had to endure. You can purchase their book Too Many to Mourn from Indigo or check out ISBN # 1551096684 : Nimbus Publishing. On the cover of the book is my Great-Great Grandmother Ada Jackson Moore. She had a child who married a Shanks and therefore I was able to capture images many years later and indeed proud of my name.

This monument The Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower can be found in Halifax City’s north end high up on the hill overlooking the narrows where this tragedy took place. This is a tribute to my ancestors, and all those who suffered loss that day. Titled in honour of a wonderful book that shed light on my past.

Derek Shanks Photography