Remembering a Friend

I had gotten into photography long after my mom had passed away. I know that she would have offered much encouragement…. and would have loved all the photos including the really bad ones that only a mom could love.

One of the driving emotions for me photographically is to capture and freeze a specific moment in time with artistic grace. Time does not stop for those that we have loved and who have since passed on. Only paintings, photos, sketches and sculptures remain behind to remind one the significance of a moment that we have captured as artists.

I would have loved to have had this moment to capture the many years of love, friendship and worry that would have been etched into her eyes and smile. My mom did not like being photographed and I often wonder what I would have been able to capture of her, seeing the world and details the way that I do now as an artist.

While browsing through earlier images, I realized that I did freeze a moment in time and I think it best describes my mom better than an actual photograph of her. I brought the image to life and I now believe that I have a photo of my mom as I would have seen her today.

I am heading back out to the east coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia this weekend and I am taking both a personal and artistic journey of a place where my family had come from. I will still be posting images through the week. I will post the Nova Scotia journey on my return to Toronto.

Derek Shanks Photography