Flash Back

Long story behind this shot, the day I took it, and the two weeks after this specific shoot. I have finally come to grips and decided to release some images from that day. Needless to say it was a super cold day, I had some tequila and a Buckaroo friend of mine and I walked for miles on end. Somehow my immune system decided to put me out of commission for nearly two weeks. Not to mention that I was in bed probably for about four days straight.

I think the combination of a flu bug, the long walk in the cold, the two beers, the three shots of tequila and lack of sleep caught up to me. It was the sickest I had ever been and this image really captures the moment in the form of a Flash Back.

p.s. Buckaroo… I WIN!!! I was the first to post an image from our Tequila Run.

Derek Shanks Photography