Waiting for the Sea

This is an older blog that I have moved over to wordpress. This is one of my personal favourites and the story that accompanies it is equally memorable. This was captured when I lived in Nova Scotia a number of years ago. Derek

Photgraphers sometimes forget that safety should be of utmost concern. In pursuit of the ultimate shot some will risk a little water on the pants. Others jump into the middle of an uprising in the middle east all to get that perfect photo.

One day driving in Nova Scotia in pursuit of image happiness…. I came across this farmers field that had a boat on land far from the water. Halted the car to a dead stop… hauled out three cameras, two tripods and some mittens to keep warm. Winters in Nova Scotia are brutal on the hands. I hopped over some barbed wire fencing and started my half kilometre trek to the spot where the boat was resting.

At last I arrived and stood there in awe of this beautiful scene and started my half hour shooting the scenes of this place. I got to my last shot which you see posted here and un beknownst to me this was a working farm with live COWS, well there is nothing better than hearing the sound of an angry COW behind your ear. Unwilling to defy nature and the laws of physics with a 1000 pound angered beast, I hauled my three cameras around my neck, clumsily grasping my tripods I started to run…. as you can see from the photo this was not level territory…. so I did make it back to the barbed wire fence with angry cows following and tried to hurdle…. well everything except my jeans made the trip.

Derek Shanks Photography